How to Find the Right Apple Watch Strap Size

    Wearing Apple Watch is not just about the tech—it’s also about elevating your style. The sleek appearance of the Apple Watch case can be a nice touch to your everyday outfit. You can even have it in a colour that best suits your personal style. Feel free to choose between black, silver or blue (or starlight or midnight if it’s Series 7). You can experiment with straps, too! From braided solo loops to Milanese loop bands, there’s an array of options for Apple Watch straps. Want more fun? Create a band collection. That way, you can mix things up depending on your mood, outfit of the day or the event you’re going to wearing the watch.

    But how can you find the right Apple Watch strap size? Some bands or straps are not adjustable. A band may be too big for you even in its tightest setting. Nothing is stylish about wearing a watch strap that slides up and down your arm or drops to your wrist bone like a bracelet. So today, we’ll help you find the right Apple Watch band size for you. With a few tips, you can purchase the best straps to elevate the look & feel of your watch.

    Know your Apple Watch size.

    Before you measure your wrist and explore different band sizes, it’s vital to know the size of your Apple Watch. You don’t want to get a beautiful strap or band that perfectly fits your wrist but looks awkwardly bigger or smaller than the width of the Apple Watch case.

    The first three generations of the awesome Apple Watch come in 38mm and 42mm. These include Series 3, which is still available for sale. In 2018, however, Apple changed the size standard for its smartwatches, so Series 4 to 6 and the Apple Watch SE come in models in 40mm & 44mm sizes. 

    The latest Apple Watch Series 7 is a bit bigger than its predecessors. The Series 7 is available in 41mm and 45mm case sizes. While Apple has confirmed older bands & straps will be compatible with Apple Watch’s latest model, it’s still better to go the extra mile to ensure your existing straps or the ones you’ll purchase soon fits your Series 7.

    It can be somewhat easier to choose a band for the older models. A band that fits the smaller Apple Watch 3 (38mm) also suits the Series 6 model (40mm). Got a strap that used to match your Series 2 (42mm)? That can also be a good match for your Series 5 (44mm). Simply put, all bands and straps for 38mm and 40mm cases are compatible with each other. The same can be said for bands suitable for 42mm and 44mm Apple Watch cases.

    Measure your wrist properly.

    The next step to finding the right Apple Watch band size is to measure your wrist. The best way to do it is to use the Apple Watch band size chart. It’ll help you whether you plan to purchase an Apple-branded band or go for a third-party strap that’s equally beautiful but more affordable. The chart includes an instructional sheet that tells you how to measure your watch band size accurately. It involves printing the band model at 100% scale, cutting the model out, wrapping it around your wrist and noting the number the built-in arrow points to. 

    If printing the size chart tool isn’t viable, you can use an ordinary cloth tape measure. Wrap it around your wrist and note the measurement that fits your wrist perfectly. Make sure you’re using a tape measure that doesn’t have a give. That way, you can’t stretch it and cause a measurement error. Also, be certain that the tape measure fits tightly to your wrist. It shouldn’t slide around. That’s a good way to get the size that ensures a snug fit.

    And don’t forget about this part: convert the measurements to millimetres if your tape measure only uses inches. This is crucial in matching how Apple offers sizing guidelines. Keep in mind that one inch is equal to 25.4mm. So your wrist is seven inches in circumference, simply multiply it by 25.4, and you will get a 177.8mm wrist band size. 

    Know the available band sizes.

    Apple and third-party manufacturers construct various band types for each watch model & size. Some bands, such as the Sport Loop & Sport Band, are adjustable. You have the option to get S/M for shorter bands or M/L if you have a bigger wrist than most people. Some third-party bands even have clasp & holes to ensure a snug fit for most wrists, making them compatible with all generations of Apple Watch. But unfortunately, not all bands are like that. Solo Loop bands, for instance, aren’t adjustable. So you have to buy the correct size to ensure a perfect fit on the case and your wrist. 

    For your guidance, here are the available sizes for the popular Apple Watch bands:

  • Sport Band: Size S/M for shorter and M/L for longer bands.

  • Sport Loop, Leather Loop, Milanese Loop & Silver Link Bracelet: One size band for each watch size.

  • Solo Loop & Braided Solo Loop: Twelve sizes for each Apple Watch size, so you need to calculate your wrist size properly.

  • Classic Buckle & Modern Buckle: Three sizes (S/M/L) for each Apple Watch size.

    Explore the Apple Watch band materials.

    Apart from the size, the material of the band or strap also matters. It can affect how the watch feels on your wrist; it can also impact your outfit. So here’s a quick rundown of the most popular Apple Watch band types and their materials:

    Solo Loop & Braided Solo Loop
    The Solo Loop is manufactured from liquid silicone rubber, while the braided polyester yarn is the key material in Braided Solo Loop. Both bands have an elastic quality that makes them easy to slip over a hand and put on a wrist. Be wary that these bands might stretch over time (and they don’t have clasps), so be sure you’re getting the snuggliest size for your wrist.

    Sport Band 
    It is an adjustable strap made from a fluoroelastomer, a variation of silicone rubber. The Sport Band comes in two sizes to suit the smaller and larger Apple Watch models. And because this strap features holes for an adjustable fit, you only need to get the size range that matches your wrist measurements.

    Sport Loop
    The Sport Loop is manufactured using woven nylon and comes with a hook-and-loop fastener. The material is soft & breathable, making it perfect to wear when going out for a run or hitting the gym in the afternoon. It also has a side with a velcro-like material to ensure the strap fits tightly to your wrist. Unlike the Sport Band, the Sport Loop does not come with holes, so you need to get the right band size for your watch and wrist to get a custom fit.

    Leather Link
    Made from leather, this band has a wraparound fit, with the end of the strap secured to your wrist using moulded & flexible magnets. The fit is similar to Sport Loop, but you’ll feel leather material instead of woven nylon.

    Modern Buckle
    Like Leather Link, Modern Buckle is made from quality leather. It is the only band exclusive to the 40 & 41mm Apple Watch models. It has a buckle clasp, and its fit isn’t quite forgiving as the other bands. Make sure you’re buying the appropriate size for your wrist. 

    Milanese Loop 
    Made from stainless steel mesh, The Milanese Loop is a stylish band. It has a wraparound design and sleek look, so it’s perfect whenever you need to dress up your Apple Watch. But it’s one of the smaller bands; it may be too tiny for someone with a large wrist (over 7.8 inches).

    Link Bracelet
    Want to wear your Apple Watch to a formal event? This band is the most appropriate strap to wear. The Link Bracelet is arguably the most expensive band due to its stainless steel alloy material and link design that looks comparable to high-end or luxury watch bands. Its sizing is adjustable by removing the links, but that offers less sizing flexibility than other straps.

    Wrapping up

    Whether you’re shopping for Apple Watch straps for yourself or a loved one, keep in mind the tips and guides discussed above. Know the size of the existing watch (or the model you’re planning) and the available band sizes compatible with that model. Then, you have to measure your wrist and explore the different types & materials that best suit your style. 

    Don’t go too tight or too loose. An ill-fitting band is not only uncomfortable, but it also affects the accuracy of some Apple Watch features like the heart rate monitor. Plus, it can also impact your look. If anything, you want your Apple Watch to elevate your style or make you look put together whether you’re in the office, hanging out after hours or going to an event.