Apple Watch Bands

    Here you can view every apple watch strap that we currently offer. We list a compatible Apple Watch strap for every occasion and to suit every model of the Apple Watch to date.

    Which Apple Watch Strap Is Best?

    Picking the best Apple Watch strap is a hard one. The best way to pick "the best" strap would be to decide when you will be wearing your watch the most. Below we list some of the most popular styles and look at reasons to buy and reasons they might not be for everyone.

    Original Apple Sport Watch Strap

    Reasons To Buy: Lots of colours to pick from and very hard-wearing.

    Nylon Sport Loop Strap

    Reasons To Buy Clever design that is breathable.

    Solo Loop

    Reasons To Buy: Lots of colours and all in one form factor.

    Nike Style Sport Band

    Reasons To Buy: Breathable and stylish.

    Leather Loops

    Reasons To Buy Clever magnetic closure and high-quality leather.

    Braided Solo Loop Strap

    Reasons To Buy: No buckle and very stylish.

    Can I Change Straps On My Apple Watch?

    Yes, every generation of the Apple Watch offers the ability to swap the strap. You just need to know what size watch you have as this will need to be selected before buying your new Apple Watch band.

    Is It Bad To Change Apple Watch Bands Daily?

    The bands on Apple Watches can be changed daily with no issues. Changing the bands daily will not cause any wear on the watch or the bands. 

    Is It Hard To Change Apple Watch Bands?

    it is very easy to switch bands on the Apple Watch. Simply press the button on the back of the watch and slide the strap out.

    This is clearly shown in the short clip from Apple.