Braided Solo Loop

    Is The Braided Solo Loop Comfortable?

    When it comes to comfort, you cannot go wrong with the braided solo loop band for the Apple Watch. These bands are made from polyester yarn braided around silicone thread. The design is unique and stretchable that is ultra-comfortable and easy to slip on and off your wrist. These bands are both sweat and water-resistant.

    Is The Braided Solo Loop Waterproof?

    Yes, all our braided solo loop bands are waterproof. This also means that these bands are ideal for keeping your Apple Watch secure while working out.

    Does The Braided Solo Loop Stretch?

    Yes, braided solo loop bands feature a unique design that ensures they stretch. It is always important however to keep in mind that everyone has different wrist sizes, so we offer our braided bands with an adjustable buckle, making them a true one size fits all. Check the product listings for further information.

    Can You Wash The Braided Solo Loop?

    To keep a braided solo loop clean, we recommend washing them under a tap with gentle soap. We do not recommend that they are put through the washing machine as this may affect the silicone rubber inside the band.

    What Is The Braided Solo Loop Made Of?

    The braided solo loop bands are made from 100 percent recycled materials. Each band is interwoven with thin silicone threads and offers a uniquely soft, textured feel that is both sweat and water-resistant.