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    Leather Magnetic Straps for Apple Watch

    Customise the feel and look of your Apple Watch with a gorgeous leather magnetic strap. This strap elegantly wraps around your wrist and magically attaches with well-concealed magnets. The magnets gently flex so that you can maintain a precise and comfortable fit throughout the day. Plus, the elegant look of leather straps will surely elevate your look. 

    Superior-quality leather with well-concealed magnets

    Our leather magnetic straps are made from superior-quality leather. They are resistant to wear & scratch—they can endure the rigours of daily use. Unlike other leather bands, these straps don’t deform or wrinkle after several uses. No peculiar smell, either. And with top-notch quality, they don’t irritate the skin even if worn throughout the day. 

    Since these straps are leather, they can last for a long time and be appropriate for special occasions. If you want to continue wearing your smartwatch to a business event or romantic date after office, you can confidently do so. Leather has a timeless appeal and pairs well with a suit or Oxford shirt. That’s especially true if you wear a leather strap with a colour similar to your belt or shoes. It’s possible to look elegantly stylish while being tech-smart. 

    How about the magnets? They are well-concealed to maintain their classy look. They are evenly placed within the soft quilted leather, ensuring you have a precise fit every time.

    Compatible with all Apple Watch generations

    Looking for a leather magnetic strap for your new Apple Watch or Series 5? We’ve got your back. Our leather magnetic straps are compatible with all generations of the Apple Watch. The magnets are placed evenly on the leather to allow for a perfect fit for most wrists. 

    The leather magnetic straps are easy to install, remove and clean. Again, that’s no matter which Apple Watch model you wear. That’s how convenient buying from Bakers Bands is.

    Stylish & colourful leather magnetic straps 

    Our leather magnetic straps designed for Apple Watch are available in different colours. Get the black, grey, brown or navy so you can easily be fashionable from office to after-hours events. Want a pop of colour, or ready to experiment with your fashion choices? You will never go wrong with leather straps in bright hues, like yellow, orange, red, pink or sky blue. 

    You can buy one or get two or more of these leather magnetic straps to have fun matching your watch with your daily outfits. With the right colour choice, you can look more polished. 

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    Straps for smartwatches are our niche. 

    Whether you’re an Apple Watch, Fitbit or Samsung Watch user, you’ll find a band or strap here at Bakers Bands. We offer wide collections of straps that suit varied styles & needs. Our team also keeps the selections updated with the latest summer bands & leather straps.

    We ensure a smooth buying experience. 

    We’ve curated our collections & categories to make it easy for you to navigate your way around our website. Whether you’re looking for leather magnetic straps for your Apple Watch or Milanese loop straps for your Fitbit, you’ll find varied products that will impress you. 

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