Stainless Steel Bands

    Stainless Steel Apple Watch Straps

    As a watch lover, you know exactly that bands complete any watch. The same goes for Apple watches. Owning an Apple watch has so many perks and one of them is the ability to change your bands from time to time to give it a new and fresh look. 

    Why settle for the basic band when you have thousands of options to choose from? A new band is a flashy, stylish way to turn your Apple Watch into a personal accessory that suits your lifestyle and needs. It is no longer just a piece of tech but also a piece of fashion.

    You are in for a treat in our wide range of Stainless Steel Bands Collection. Whether you are looking for protection, style, or a little bit of both, our Apple Watch bands will surely become your personal favourite.

    Each stainless steel band suits every lifestyle. Find the perfect watch strap that fits your personality in this collection.


    A fan of the elegant and sophisticated gold? Get your Apple Watch a strap replacement with our gold bands. Our best-sellers include our Gold Stainless Steel Band, Slim Golden Band, and Golden Magnetic Milanese Loop Band. They are all perfect for all Apple Watch generations with smaller and larger sizes to suit every watch case. 

    Your choice for band replacement depends on your preferences and reasons for changing your strap. It can be because you want to wear your Apple Watch on special or formal occasions, you want to have more band options to keep the original ones from wear and tear, or perhaps you just want to make your watch look more appealing, unique, and a true standout.

    Whatever the reason is, we got you covered!


    If you are looking for a neutral, yet fancy band to showcase your Apple Watch, these silver bands are perfect for you. They are not overpowering and so easy to match with any ensemble. Our best-seller is the Silver & Gold Stainless Steel Band featuring a gold accent in the middle which makes it look even more sophisticated and elegant.


    For men, this Black Strap is perfect for business meetings and basically any event.

    Rose Gold

    For women who love Rose Gold, we got a great selection for you too! Our Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bands are made with your style in mind. Check out this gorgeous and stunning Milanese Loop Strap that speaks of simplicity, timelessness, grace, and class. This is perfect for your Fitbit Blaze fitness tracker. It is so comfy to wear even all day long, highly durable, and super stylish! Perfect for everyday use, this band has an impressive magnetic clasp feature for easier and complex-free size adjustment.

    In addition to your Rose Gold upgrade, you can also avail our Rose Gold Apple Watch Polycarbonate/Tempered Glass Case if you wish to change your watch case. You can match it with our Magnetic Milanese Loop Band for a more distinguished look.

    Each strap has a secure locking system and is specifically designed for your comfort, security, and style.


    Want to get a little more creative and stand out from the rest? Then this Stainless Steel Band in Rainbow Oil Slick is perfect for you. The rainbow is a symbol of hope and new beginnings. Add this unique-coloured stainless steel band to your collection and display a lovely pop of colours in your ensemble. Show off your creativity in a stylish way with this Rainbow steel band. 

    With our line of stainless steel watch straps for all Apple Watch generations, you can now achieve a smarter look without much effort. 

    Stainless steel straps offer a lot of form and function benefits. They do not lose their shape easily. Plus, their anti-corrosive nature outperforms other materials used in watch strap manufacturing. Stainless steel bands can make any watch look fancy and elegant in no time. Unlike other materials, these bands last longer and you can enjoy them for a very long time.