Silicone Sport Band (For Apple Watch) Black

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    Whether you're rushing to office or running on the treadmill, the Apple Watch is your constant companion. But using the same watch can feel monotonous at times, so why not give your Apple Watch a facelift?

    Bakers Bands brings to you the Silicone Sport Band for Apple Watch - this is a quick and efficient way to make your Apple Watch look brand new, and change its style.

    What Makes Our Silicone Sport Band for Apple Watch the Best Choice?

    Compatible: Whether yours is the latest Apple Watch model, or one from the previous generations, this Silicone Sport Band is compatible with all. It's available in 38/40/41mm or 42/44/45mm case sizes.

    Durable Material: Made with high-quality silicone, the strap is resistant to water and wear and tear. The premium material ensures you can use the watch band for a long time to come.

    Lightweight: Smartwatches are meant for all-time wear, and keeping this in mind, we have made our watch band lightweight. Even when you have the watch on for a long duration, you will not feel uncomfortable.

    Secure Closure: Our Silicone Band for Apple Watch comes with a quick pin and tuck closure, which makes it easy to wear the watch and take it off without any hassle.

    Adjustable Design: Our watch band is suitable for all wrist sizes, thanks to its adjustable design. You can make it tight or loose as per your preference to achieve the perfect fit.

    Easy Installation: Installing the band is very easy—it takes just a few seconds. All you have to do is turn back your Apple Watch, push the buttons to release the old band, and attach the new one. You'll hear a 'click' sound, which ensures the band has been attached securely.

    Versatile: Black is forever a versatile colour, so you can mix and match this watch band with any style of clothing. It goes well with casuals, formalwear, and workout attire. It gives a fresh new look to your Apple Watch, and makes it appear classy and stylish. The band is ideal for your workouts, swimming sessions, walking, playing a sport, practising yoga, or sleeping.

    With our watch bands in your collection, you’ll be able to sport a different style everyday. So order this for yourself, and make your Apple Watch look super cool! It can also be a great gift option for a friend who loves wearing their Apple Watch everyday.


    42/44/45mm S/M size fits for 5.5"-7.7" (140mm-190mm) wrist

    42/44/45mm M/L size fits for 6.3"-8.3" (160mm-210mm) wrist

    38/40/41mm S/M size fits for 5.1"-7.1" (130mm-180mm) wrist

    38/40/41mm M/L size fits for 5.9"-7.9" (150mm-200mm) wrist

    Compatible with all generations of the apple watch.