Magnetic Milanese Loop Band (For Apple Watch) Rose Gold

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    We know you love sporting your Apple Watch everywhere you go. But wearing the same watch every single day with the same band can become a bit boring. To spruce things up, check out our Magnetic Milanese Loop Band for Apple Watch—this is all you need to give your favourite gadget a fresh and trendy look.

    In today's age when Apple Watch has become almost a universal accessory that everyone wears, a stylish and classy band like this one makes you stand out and keeps your fashion game on point. You can have multiple bands in your collection to mix and match as per your wish!

    What Makes Our Milanese Loop Band the Best Choice?

    Compatible: Whether you own an Apple watch from a few years back, or you've bought the latest model, this Milanese loop is compatible with all generations of the Apple Watch.

    Durable Material: The loop band is made with premium-grade stainless steel, with a stunning rose gold finish. You can use this band for a very long time, without any signs of wear and tear or colour fading.

    Lightweight: Unlike other watch bands, this band is lightweight and super comfortable to sport on a day-to-day basis. Despite being crafted with stainless steel, it doesn't feel clunky at all—so you can have it on for long hours without any inconvenience.

    Secure Closure: With this band, you'll never have to worry about the watch falling off or slipping down your hands. To make sure that your watch stays on your wrist securely, the band comes with high-quality magnetic closure.

    Adjustable Design: Our loop band for Apple Watches is made for everyone—no matter what your wrist size is. Thanks to the adjustable design of the band, you can expect a perfect fit every time, for every user.

    Easy Installation: Installing and removing the watch band takes just a few seconds. Turn over your watch and use the buttons to remove the old band, and attach the new one. As soon as you hear it click, know that you've successfully installed the band.

    Versatile: The best part about this watch band is its versatility. It gives a new dimension to your Apple Watch and makes it look all the more stylish and appealing. Be it with something casual or formal, our Milanese metal loop band will make you look smart and polished.

    So break the monotony, and give your Apple Watch a brand-new look today!


    What size do I need?

    Look on the back of your watch and you will find one of the following sizes listed;

    38/40/41mm will fit wrist sizes 15cm to 20.5cm
     will fit wrist sizes 15.5cm to 21 cm

    Will This Strap Fit My Apple Watch?

    Our straps will fit all Apple watches.