Slim Wallet (RFID Blocking) Metal Black (Airtag Style) - C/W Money Clip

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    Let go of your old wallet, and get yourself the RFID Blocking Black Slim Metal Wallet from Bakers Bands. It keeps your card information safe from thieves, and also doubles up as a stylish accessory for men.

    What Makes Our RFID Blocking Black Slim Metal Wallet A Must-Have?

    Sleek & Compact: We make sure carrying your wallet in your pocket doesn't feel bulky or uncomfortable. With a capacity to hold up to 12 cards, this one comes in a slim and compact design. It easily fits inside your pocket and looks discreet so as to not draw too much attention. The elasticated money straps are there to keep your cash safe.

    AirTag Compatible: Do you frequently misplace your wallet? Worry not, this metal wallet comes with AirTag compatibility (AirTag is not included with the product). All you have to do is attach your AirTag to the wallet, so you can conveniently track it. This feature also helps in retrieving your wallet if it gets lost or stolen.

    Premium Quality Material: The best part about our metal wallet is its durability. It's made with top-quality metal, so you can use the wallet for a long time, without worrying about tear or breakage. So in a way, this metal wallet is far more sustainable than other wallets that you need to replace every few months or at least in a few years.

    Maximum Protection: RFID skimming is rampant these days, where thieves are trying to steal your card information with the help of an RFID device from a far distance. To prevent this, our wallet comes with an RFID blocking design. The waves get automatically blocked, and nobody can get hold of your sensitive data.

    Looks Stylish: Available in classic black colour, this metal wallet looks discreet, but it's also incredibly stylish. Its appeal is something an average regular wallet can never match. From the metal case to the sleek design, everything exudes elegance.

    Damage-Resistant: A big problem with regular leather or faux-leather wallets is that they are prone to wear and tear and external damage. But that's not the case with our metal wallet. Thanks to the solid black case, the wallet is resistant to water, pressure, or any kind of damage. So naturally, the cards kept inside remain safe.

    So what are you waiting for? Get yourself this Black Metal Wallet today!